BPS and ACP-UK guidelines for outdoor talking therapy


Update: Since this post was written these guidelines have been published by the British Psychological Society and are freely available here. Also see the associated press release here

Following the recent publication, ‘Into the Wild’: A meta-synthesis of talking therapy in natural outdoor spaces (free download available here), work has now begun to produce guidelines for outdoor talking therapy.

These best practice guidelines are being developed in collaboration with the British Psychological Society (BPS; Faculty of Holistic Psychology) and the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK (ACP-UK). To help ensure these guidelines are useful and well-informed, we would like to include the views of as many practitioners and service users as possible.

The areas covered in these guidelines are likely include (but are not limited to):

  • Empirical and theoretical arguments for outdoor talking therapy
  • Using assessment and formulation to determine individual suitability and goals
  • Informed consent and process contracting
  • Selecting an appropriate outdoor setting and activity
  • The passive and active incorporation of nature into talking therapy
  • Ensuring physical and therapeutic safety and containment
  • Common issues and potential solutions

To join the conversation and help shape these guidelines, please leave your comment at the bottom of this blog post or on Twitter using the hashtag #OTTGuidelines

We are appreciative of all views from anyone who has:

  • direct experience of outdoor talking therapy; or
  • opinions and ideas about outdoor talking therapy; or
  • thoughts on what these guidelines should include; or
  • reactions/responses to the publication mentioned above

 Thank you!



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