A collection of short videos on outdoor talking therapy


1. Chicago-based therapist, Glenn Sevier describes the significance of walk and talk therapy throughout the four seasons (posted in 2020 by Glenn Sevier, LCSW). Duration – 4min 41 sec:

2. Counsellor Phil Gormley introduces his walk and talk therapy in Dublin (posted in 2015 by John C Red). Duration – 2min 20sec:

3. CNN News report on therapist Denice Clark and her client’s experiences of walk and talk therapy in Atlanta (posted in 2017 by CNN). Duration – 1min 12sec:

4. MAC-UK on taking what works in the clinic out onto the streets of London, to help young people where they need it (posted in 2013 by The King’s Fund). Duration – 4min 2sec:

5. Humanistic counsellor Rachel Lackey talks from St Ives about the safety and legalities of outdoor therapy during the Covid-19 lockdown (posted in 2021 by Rachel Lackey Counselling & Therapy). Duration – 4min 23sec:

6. The friendship bench in Zimbabwe – community grandmothers are trained as counsellors and hold conversations on a bench (posted in 2018 by Born This Way Foundation). Duration – 3min 40sec:

7. Marriage and family therapist Kristin Jibson talks about how and why she began offering walk and talk therapy in California (posted in 2018 by TherapySpot). Duration – 3min 48sec:

8. The first community-led problem solving booth at Camden Lock, London (posted in 2017 by Problem Solving Booths). Duration – 3min 52sec:

9. Local 12 News reports on counsellors offering walk and talk therapy in downtown Cincinnati (posted in 2018 by Local 12). Duration – 1min 38sec:

10. Counsellor Jeff Adorador and a client talk about wilderness therapy on Good Day Sacramento News (posted in 2017 by Good Day Sacramento). Duration – 2min 30sec:

11. Clinical social worker Clay Cockrell uses New York’s Central Park as his office for all year round therapy (posted in 2013 by KCET). Duration – 2min 30sec:

12. CNX News reports on clinical social worker Jenny Reimann who offers psychotherapy whilst walking in Minnesota (posted in 2017 by CNX Media). Duration – 1min 51 sec:

13.Virginia-based psychotherapist, Shea Graham’s promo video on walk and talk therapy (posted in 2020 by Shea Graham). Duration – 30secs:

14. Clinical social worker Glenn Sevier depicts walk and talk therapy during Chicago’s autumn and winter months (posted in 2020 by Glenn Sevier, LCSW). Duration – 1min 7 sec:

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